Sunday, June 03, 2007

Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion (1991)

Screaming Trees [ST] have a unique 90's grunge/60's hippy sound that blends so perfectly together, to create this amazing upbeat feel-good rock vibe, and yet still have the powerful angst in there. For once it's nice to hear a band that isn't singing about how sad their lives are, and when ST does sing about it, it sounds great without the depressing feeling. Mark Lanegan has a very unique, brisk voice that manages to create that awesome sound of his music. It's a shame ST never scored it huge, but their hit "Nearly Lost You" (which isn't near the best from this amazing album) will probably seal them immortality in the heavens of 90's rock.
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Hansell said...

Indeed one of the finest grunge/rock bands of the past 20 years.
All the ST albums have some very special soundtracks, this band is still my altime favorit !