Saturday, December 22, 2007

Plus/Minus - Let's Build a Fire (2006)

Plus/Minus (aka +/-) is a New York City-based indie-pop trio who surprised me with their great song "Leap Year" that was playing last night in the underground/indie internet-based radio Their third album - Let's Build a Fire - presents an energetic and inventive set that combines melodic rock with carefully placed electronic touches and occasional stabs of noise (listen the propulsive "Steal the Blueprints"). Both in vocals and overall sound, the ensemble bears notable similarities to the Postal Service, but its guitar-based approach gives Plus/Minus an invitingly warm, fuzzed-out edge.
Grade: A+
Check these other ones:
+ Steal the Blueprints

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gregg Alexander - Michigan Rain (1989)

This is a SUPER rare CD... From 1989, released by A&M Records, here's "Michigan Rain" by the New Radicals wunderkid Gregg Alexander. Thanks to Gregg's community on Orkut.
+ Check it out!
+ The missing song - Sinner Times Ten

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cosmotone - Cosmotone

In my humble opinion, a good song always gets me for its melody rather than the lyrics. If anything, that's the first impression that "register". Whereas for other ones, music+lyrics share the same importance, for me a good melodic line, or a good riff that sticks out "pays off" the value of a good song.
Cosmotone is a band from my hometown - Fortaleza, Brazil - that I just got introduced by its own bassist - Fabricio Alves - who I recently met and... boy... what a surprise!
Their self-titled debut album (independent release) is full of great pop songs with well-thought arrangements that bring a solid musical consistency throughout the album... The lyrics are permeated of stories about broken relationships, loneliness, uncertainty, forgiveness. Feelings that certainly all of us have once experienced. But perhaps here is where I think they can expand more in a future album - creating a broader palette of themes to match the beautiful of songs they crafted so well in this CD.
Congrats Fabricio and his band for putting out such a great work which impressed me for the quality of its melodic "hooks" - which kept playing over and over in my head...
Grade: A+

Sunday, December 02, 2007

David Gray - The EP's 92-94

Like most of his work pre-White Ladder, Gray's approach here is sparser, often featuring only voice and guitar, and even more akin to the naked poetry of folk soulmates like Van Morrison. Birds Without Wings is just phenomenal!
+ Check it out

Saturday, December 01, 2007

VA - Anyone Can Play Radiohead: a Tribute to Radiohead (2001)

1. Fitter Happier - Silent Gray
2. No Surprises - Paige
3. Creep - Aleister Einstein
4. Fake Plastic Trees - October Hill
5. Stop Whispering - Dotfash
6. Exit Music (For A Film) - Miranda Sex Garden
7. Planet Telex - Secret Society
8. Karma Police - Dragon Style
9. Climbing Up The Walls - Diva Destruction
10. Everything In Its Right Place - Meegs
11. Subterranean Homesick Alien - The Illuminati
12. Bulletproof, I Wish I Was - P.M. Project
13. How To Disappear Completely - Lunasect

This compilation brings the best tracks of Pablo Honey, The Bends and the classic OK Computer. Although no big names here, these college/indie bands do deserve some credit for making a very consistent CD overall.
Grade: B+
+ Check it out here

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Keane - The Night Sky (CD Single)

The newest and greatest from Keane!
01. The Night Sky
02. Under Pressure (Queen cover)
03. Put It Behind You (Ffrisco Mix)








+ Get it here

The Killers - Live in Chile (Fenix Festival - 11/04/07)

01 - Intro
02 - Sam's Town
03 - Enterlude
04 - When You Were Young
05 - Intro Bones
06 - Bones
07 - Somebody Told Me
08 - Smile Like You Mean It
09 - Midnight Show
10 - Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
11 - Tranquilize
12 - Read My Mind
13 - Outro Read My Mind
14 - Bling (Confession Of A King)
15 - Intro Mr Brightside
16 - Mr Brightside
17 - My List
18 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
19 - Shadowplay (Cover Joy Division)
20 - For Reasons Unknown
21 - All These Things That I've Done
22 - Exitlude
23 - Outro When You Were Young

** Thanks to Escaparate Sonico
+ Get it here

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Muse - Live from Mexico - 04/12/07

CD 1
001 Take A Bow (4:29)
002 Hysteria (3:55)
003 Supermassive Black Hole (4:03)
004 Map Of The Problematique (5:25)
005 Butterflies & Hurricanes (6:11)
006 Assassin (6:21)
007 Sing Fo Absolution (5:27)
008 Citizen Erased (7:25)
009 Hoodoo (3:54)
010 Feeling Good (3:46)
011 Sunburn (4:18)
012 Starlight (4:30)
013 Blues Jam / Time Is Running Out (4:45)

CD 2
001 New Born (10:00)
002 Soldier's Poem (2:49)
003 Invincible (5:49)
004 Stockholm Syndrome (11:14)
005 City Of Delusion (5:34)
006 Plug In Baby (4:18)
007 Knights Of Cydonia (7:22)

Monday, November 19, 2007

John Mayer - SAY (New Track!)


You know, I should probably wait for this to go up on iTunes, but with so much coverage of my worthless non-guitar playing pursuits, I think I owe you all a bit of what I actually DO for a living. This is a song called "Say", and was written for the upcoming film "The Bucket List", starring the powerhouse acting duo of Nicholson and Freeman. Of course I'm speaking about the great Frank Nicholson and Moishe Freeman, who haven't reunited since the hit '70s sitcom "That '50s Show".

And if you happen to see me in pictures looking as if I'm having the time of my life, just remember that I'm probably actually thinking of something quite somber. So rest easy, superfans.


John Mayer

And here the lyrics -

Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems
Better put them in quotations

Say what you need to say

Walking like a one-man army
Fighting with the shadows in your head
Living out the same old moment
Knowing you'd be better off instead if you could only

Say what you need to say

Have no fear for giving in
Have no fear for giving over
You better know that in the end it's better to say too much
Then never to say what you need to say again...

Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open

Say what you need to say...

(Thanks to Try JM Blog)

Sarah Blasko - What the Sea Wants, the Sea Will Have

With a handful of ARIA nominations to her name, along with a coveted nomination for the 2006 Australian Music Prize for her smash debut album, "The Overture and The Underscore", I couldn’t help but think what every other idiotic Triple J listener was thinking: What’s the deal with this girl who’s musical stylings render herself liable to claims of being the illegitimate love-child of Thom Yorke and Bjork, (even the names are similar…hmmmmm. I’m starting to think that if Ms Blasko has a wonky eye that this theory may actually have some credibility).
Regardless, whether or not Bjork and the world’s most famous depressive did in fact hit it off years ago, no amount of speculation can overshadow the undeniable talent of one of Australia’s most capable pop princesses. Sarah Blasko has also risen to become one of Australia's most respected songwriters, as well as gaining a reputation for being one of Australia's most impressive live performers. As you can probably tell by looking at the album's cover, What the Sea Wants, the Sea Will Have is a darker record than it's predecessor, although it retains many elements of the pop songwriting that characterized her debut.
In one line - Sarah Blasko is real talent... amazing album from start to finish!

Grade: A+
+ Amazing Things
+ Always on this Line
+ Hammer
+ The Albatross

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song (Unplugged Video)

While we anxiously wait for their reunion let's hope that they can revisit this masterpiece!

Monday, November 05, 2007

As Tall as Lions - Into the Flood (New Track!)

ATAL will be releasing a 5-track EP entitled "Into the Flood" on Nov 27th through iTunes. Here's the self-titled track. Share with us what you thought about it...
PS: Sorry for the lack of more updates. I'm vacationing in Brazil!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alice in Chains - Live from Austin, TX (09/29/07)

I've found this rarity in a great forum - The Seattle Connection. This is an acoustic recording in which even Scott Weiland (ex-STP) joins the AiC reunion in the song "Angry Chair". FANTASTIC!!!
01 Don't Follow
02 Heaven Beside You
03 Brother
04 I Can't Remember
05 Nutshell
06 The Killer Is Me
07 Sludge Factory
08 Love, Hate, Love

09 No Excuses

01 Down In A Hole
02 "Jam ?" Introducing Scott Weiland*
03 Angry Chair*
04 Got Me Wrong
05 (Encore Break)
06 Curtains (Elton John cover)
07 Squeeze Box (The Who cover)
08 Would?
09 Rooster
Links fixed!
+ Part 1
+ Part 2
+ Part 3

Monday, October 22, 2007

Soulsavers - It's Not How Far You Fall It's The Way You Land (2007)

Soulsavers is Mark Lanegan's new musical project. They just released a new album entitled "It's Not How Far You Fall It's The Way You Land". Although for me, I like him more with the upbeat/uptempo stuff. Nevertheless, I just can't count how many times I've played over and over songs like "Through My Sails" (Neil Young's cover) and "Kingdoms of Rain".

They will also touring this fall:
11-27 New York, NY - Gramercy Theater
11-28 Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
11-29 Washington, DC - Black Cat
12-01 San Francisco, CA - The Independent
12-02 Los Angeles, CA - Troubador

Grade: B+
+ Full album (streaming) with track by track review!

Friday, October 19, 2007

John Mayer singing "The Eraser"

This one you MUST HEAR. John Mayer sings his new song "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" (a beautiful love ballad) and at the end he includes a few lines from "The Eraser" by Thom Yorke. AMAZING!

The more you try to erase me
The more, the more
The more that I appear
Oh the more, the more

+ Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (outro The Eraser)
+ Alternate link


** Thanks to Carrie for the recording and to Julia for sharing it on

Sigur Rós - Two New Songs from Live Acoustic Concert!

Sigur Rós is releasing a new CD/DVD entitled Heima next November 20th. Here are 2 new songs from an acoustic performance they have recently done in Helsinki, Finland.
+ Heima
+ Hljomalind
+ Acoustic Performance - 09/30/07
++ Thanks to Deaf Indie Elefant for the links and content

Incubus - Live from Chile (October 8th and 9th - 2007)

Even if you aren't a fan, don't miss these two gems! + October 8th 2007

+ October 9th 2007
++ Thanks to RapMetal Bart for the links!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Incubus - Live @ Tabernacle - Jan 23rd 2007 (Atlanta, GA)

January 23rd, 2007
The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA.

01. Intro
02. Quicksand [Light Grenades]
03. A Kiss To Send Us Off [Light Grenades]
04. Wish You Were Here [Morning View]
05. Have You Ever [Morning View]
06. Anna Molly [Light Grenades]
07. Paper Shoes [Light Grenades]
08. When it Comes [Make Yourself]
09. Redefine (remix) [Science]
10. New Skin (acoustic) [Science]
11. Pardon Me (acoustic) [Make Yourself]
12. Earth To Bella 1 [Light Grenades]
13. Under My Umbrella [Morning View]
14. Light Grenades [Light Grenades]
15. I Miss You [Make Yourself]
16. Sick Sad Little World% [Crow]
17. Dig [Light Grenades]
18. Nowhere Fast [Make Yourself]
- Encore -
19. Rogues [Light Grenades]
20. Pistola* [Crow]
21. Megalomaniac [Crow]
(Corrected again!)
+ Part 1
+ Part 2

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007)

I'll let you take in own conclusions before I post mine here... Favorites so far: "15 Step" "Reckoner" "Bodysnatcher" and "Jigsaw."
+ Get it here

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jaco Pastorius (1951-1987) - 20 years later...

(Jaco Pastorius performs with the group Weather Report at the 1981 Playboy Jazz Festival in Los Angeles)
What to say about Jaco... A genius on the bass, someone that I admire, that took the electric bass to a different level, not afraid of transceding the 4-string bass limitations. A master of the fretless bass and all the harmonics one can get from that instrument.
+ Check it out this great NPR report with a short biography and a few of his greatest tracks

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Garden of Souls - Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand Cover (Live!)

We had a lot of fun playing this past weekend at Luna Bar in Royal Oak, Michigan. Here's a snippet of Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To. Tell us what you think.
+ Garden of Souls MySpace website
+ Other videos of live performances we have on YouTube!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pearl Jam - Immagine in Cornice (DVD Preview!)

As a huge Pearl Jam fan, I can't wait to watch this DVD completely. For now, many thanks to MSN for this preview with a couple full songs performances and behind-the-scenes snippets.

+ Check it out here!

Radiohead - In Rainbows (2007) - New album informaton and a track by track preview!

Finally we heard some great news about the upcoming Radiohead's album. It will be entitled "In Rainbows". It will available for digital download on October 10th for FREE ! (or, you can choose how much you want to a donation).

Here's the tracklist:
01. 15 Step
02. Bodysnatchers
03. Nude
04. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
05. All I Need
06. Faust Arp
07. Reckoner
08. House of Cards
09. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
10. Videotape

For $80 more one can get a deluxe boxed version that includes a double vinyl disc, a book, eight bonus tracks and two CDs, out the first week of December (it also comes with a DRM-free download that actives on October 10th).

Bonus CD tracklist:
01. MK 1
02. Down Is The New Up
03. Go Slowly
04. MK 2
05. Last Flowers
06. Up On The Ladder
07. Bangers And Mash
08. 4 Minute Warning

Check out this great track-by-track preview which Rolling Stone website put up yesterday.
+ Live recordings of Radiohead's new album tracks

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goldspot - Friday (Acoustic - on the see-saw!)

One of the greatest indie bands from LA that I've been following for quite a while...
+ Friday
+ Myspace Website

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Orson - Ain't No Party (New Single)

Originally from Hollywood, Orson are named after cinematic icon Orson Welles. Orson's debut album, Bright Idea, was recorded in Hollywood on a budget of just $5000, which the band financed themselves. They went on to find chart success in the UK with their first single, "No Tomorrow", and album reaching the number 1 slot in their respective categories. Culture Vultures is their upcoming album and "Ain't No Party" is their new single
+ Orson - Ain't No Party
+ Myspace Website

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kurt Cobain - About a Son (Oct/07)

This one should be an interesting to see, especially because you will hear directly from the source (i.e: Kurt Cobain, himself). In selected theaters, this coming October.07

Official Trailer:

+ Official Movie Website

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Keane - Latin America Tour (Argentina and Chile Concerts)

+ Live from Buenos Aires, Argentina (River Plate Stadium) - April 13th 2007

+ Live from Santiago, Chile - April 14th 2007 with 4 exclusive acoustic bonus tracks from the radio Rock & Pop (Link corrected!)

01.- Intro
02.- Put it behind
03.- Everybody's changing
04.- Nothing in my way
05.- We might as well be strangers
06.- Bend & break
07.- Try again
08.- Your eyes open
09.- Leaving so soon?
10.- This is the last time
11.- Poetry of William Butler Yeats
12.- A bad dream
13.- Somewhere only we know
14.- Is it any wonder?
15.- Atlantic
16.- Crystal ball
17.- Bedshaped
18.- Outro (The Beatles - Good night)

Bonus tracks:
1.- Is it any wonder? (acoustic)
2.- Nothing in my way (acoustic)
3.- Somewhere only we know (acoustic)
4.- Everybody's changing (acoustic)

Coming up next... The BRAZILIAN gigs!!
And here just a snippet to tell you how they did go...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice (2007)

Planet Of Ice marks the Seattle quintet Minus the Bear at the top of their game. Each song has a sense of growth throughout it. Yes, Minus the Bear used to rock us harder. But don’t make the mistake of bemoaning their more mature sound on Planet of Ice, just because the band’s optimal listening environment has moved from the car stereo to the living room floor. There is no need for further comments, just get the CD and listen to it during this great weekend!
Rate: A+

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Radiohead - Down is the New Up (Promo - 2007)

This is a compilation of 17 live recordings for the new songs of the upcoming album - yet untitled - to be released sometime this fall of 2007. I hope you enjoy!
+ Check it out (link fixed!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Foo Figthers - Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace (2007)

The first time I heard "The Pretender" on the radio, I thought that Dave Grohl was expressing again his great mixed musical influences of the pop-modern rock with The Beatles (subtle chord progressions...). A beautiful masterpiece and certainly a powerful first single for this new release.
The whole album has a "60's rock" influence written over it, some tunes sound like they could have been written by The Beatles, or Paul McCartney, more specifically as one can clearly hear on "Statues". "Long Road to Ruin" flies jubilantly with a hook so gigantic you could land a hammerhead with it.
The rest of the album... well, the fact is that the songs are all good, even if they do sound similar to one another. When you don't try to push the envelope and go places where no one has gone before, you give up the chance of creating something that exists on an entirely different level.
Rate: B+
+ Statues
+ Long Rong to Ruin
+ Come Alive (any similarity with the melodic line of "She Runs Away" by Duncan Sheik? Shhhh... don't tell him that!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rocco DeLuca and the Burden - I Trust You to Kill Me

ROCCO DeLuca lives and breathes rock ‘n’ roll given that he was born the son of Bo Diddley’s touring guitarist and spent his youth on the road. His music aspires to the classic songwriting structure of rock ‘n’ roll stalwarts such as Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam. It's DeLuca's guitar playing that really stands out though (yet it is also distinctive for being built around the beautiful Dobro steel guitar which serves to give his songs a grittier and more notable edge). The result is a very fine debut album, worth listening.
Rate: A-
+ Gift
+ Colorful
+ Soul

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Honorary Title - Scream and Light Up the Sky (2007)

So the members of Brooklyn, New York, pseudo indie-rockers the Honorary Title really, really like Elvis Costello and Jeff Buckley. Or at least both their official web site and MySpace pages like to think so. Where they push it is where they claim to actually sound like both of those legendary artists. That’s a bit of a stretch.
Untouched and Intact”, their first single from Scream and Light Up the Sky, is the best thing the 1980s didn’t produce. There seems to be a driving force behind many of the tunes that will have you tapping your feet (not good when you’re driving your car). A great surprise for this month of september!
Rate: A-
+ Untouched and Intact
+ The City's Summer

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chris Cornell - Live @ The Fenix - Seattle, WA (05/08/07)

This was the MSN concert broadcasted a while ago. Here's THE COMPLETE SET including what I'd call "The Best of" of his career. You'll hear classics from Temple of the Dog (Say Hello to Heaven and Hunger Strike), Soundgarden (Outshined, Jesus Christ Pose, Spoonman and so many others), Audioslave - not included in the webcast (Conchise, Like a Stone) plus several songs of his solo career (including a live version of Seasons!).

For us fans, a delightful gift brought you by Chris Cornell Nation website.

+ Check it out (It requires pre-registration, totally worth it!).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cary Brothers - Who You Are (2007)

A college mate of Zach Braff (indie film director, and star of comedy series, Scrubs), Brothers’ career got a leg-up when one of his songs (Blue Eyes) was used in the show and onto the Grammy-winning soundtrack to Braff’s movie, Garden State.
Who You Are
is an impressive debut. There are moments when his self-confessed Brit-pop affections jar with the LA sun-soaked melancholy permeating his more mature material. “Who You Are” for example borrows Snow Patrol’s chugging introspection. Give it some play time and pretty soon you'll be singing "it's my jealousy/creepin' up on me" over and over… and over again.
Rate: A+
+ Jealousy
+ Ride
Who You Are
+ Loneliest Girl in the World

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jeff Martin's Kingdom

Well, since I haven't blogged anything here for awhile, I figured I'd make two entries today. Another artist that I don't think has had a fair shake in America is Jeff Martin, or his previous band, the Tea Party. They put out 7 very good CDs off their label and 1 previous to being signed. The unfortunate turn of events that led to the band's demise will, I'm sure, never be fully realized because I'm sure all three of them have varying stories as to why exactly it happened. The main reason seems to be that Jeff wanted to get back to the roots of what his music (and, ultimately, the Tea Party's music) was all about. His first outing as a solo artist brings us Exile and the Kingdom, a sweet blend of his Rock-meets-World music stylings of the Tea Party with the acoustic leanings that he has expressed in interest in as of late. With the first song on the disc being the orchestral 'The World is Calling', one might be questioning whether it was a departure from the Tea Party's music Jeff needed or just a departure from his bandmates, as this stands up with the best of what the Tea Party offered (and feels like a continuation from their 4th CD, Triptych). Indeed, even the bluesy 'Black Snake Blues' feels like a throwback to their 2nd disc, Edges of Twilight. But anyone who's heard Jeff in interviews will know that's what he was going for in the first place. The songwriting on the rest of the disc is very fresh -- a logical growth between their rock opus, Seven Circles, and this record. The fact that it's a great mix of electric and acoustic numbers and the fact that Michael Lee (of Page and Plant fame) is on drums makes this CD even better.

Martin talks about the next CD being completely acoustic, but he said that about this one as well. The good thing about Jeff is that he's constantly evolving and that will always be his greatest strength. It will also be why he will remain at the forefront of iconic musicians of this age.

Queensryche - the Forgotten Genius

One thing I've noticed with a lot of my musician contemporaries is that most of them are afraid of change (which, to me, says 'oxymoron' about a musician); they don't step out of their protective and secure boxes to attempt anything that's outside of their realm of influences.
You see this of a good deal of music fans as well, unfortunately. I recently read a blog about Queensryche singer Geoff Tate and how QR's new CD (their follow-up to Operation: Mindcrime II, shown at right) will be 'a big surprise' to QR fans and that they would be touching on new areas of music writing. The fans were noticeably, for the most part, disturbed by this. In fact, the major debate for this particular set of QR fans was when they started to go downhill. Was it Empire? Promised Land? Hear in the Now Frontier? Q2K? None of them could decide. Very few of the fans actually acknowledged that they listened to the CDs that QR's been putting out since HITNF. A shame, really. Queensryche was always a band I felt akin to, musically. Not because I write in their vein of music (if you could even hold it within a catagory), but because they are CONSTANTLY trying to grow as musicians between releases. Even with OMC II, the sounds on the CD may have linked with the first CD (which, if you're a musician worth your salt and trying to produce an audio sequel, you need to accomplish for continuity purposes at least!), but their growth as musicians is apparant in every song on the disc. A lot may argue that OMC II isn't as good as the original (movies and music alike, I would assume, fall into the sequel syndrome of being compared instead of taken as a separate entity), but I say the CD, sitting on it's own, is just as great an achievement as any of their greatest work.
I, personally, am looking forward to a new QR CD. Actually, writing this has given me the ambition to complete my QR catalog. Oh, and if you are a fan and don't have the updated CDs with the extra tracks and the updated sound quality, I highly recommend them.

Friday, August 17, 2007

So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley (2007)

Buckley was never interested in selling out or shooting to the top of the charts, and that’s part of why his music seems so raw, so real, so untainted by corporate bigwigs with dollar signs in their eyes. He was a visionary, and through posthumous releases like So Real and whatever comes next, his voice remains a gift that keeps on giving. This compilation ncludes two rarities, 'So Real' (Live and Acoustic in Japan - non album version/ promo single) and 'I Know it's Over' . (Previously Unreleased - Smiths cover from a session at Sony Studios that was edited for broadcast on WNEW on April 6, 1995. It was not included on the radio broadcast.) Other highlights include 'Last Goodbye', 'Forget Her', 'Everybody Here Wants You' and more.
+ Dream Brother (alternative take)
+ I Know it's Over (which resambles a lot of Hallelujah!)

++ Look here previous posts on Jeff Buckley

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jeremy Enigk - New single and CD!

This guy never stops! Jeremy Enigk returns with the quick follow-up to last year's highly acclaimed World Waits with The Missing Link (to be released August 21st), which features brand new material along with acoustic versions from World Waits. The first single, John, is available for free download at the Insound website.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Radiohead - Live in Seine Festival (France) - 26-Aug-2006

This one was probably the last concert for their tour before the long-waited upcoming unknown release date/name album. Thom Yorke's band did not disappoint. Great performance!
01 Intro
02 Airbag
03 2+2=5

04 The National Anthem
05 My Iron Lung
06 Morning Bell
07 Fake Plastic Trees
08 Videotape
09 Nude
10 The Gloaming
11 Paranoid Android
12 All I Need
13 Pyramid Song
14 Lucky
15 The Bends
16 I Might Be Wrong
17 Idioteque
18 Everything In It's Right Place
19 You And Whose Army?

20 Bodysnatchers
21 There There
22 Karma Police
+ Download the complete set here! (Link fixed)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eddie Vedder - Early Demos (1998)

This tape was sent by Eddie to the guy who lived downstairs from he and Beth (long time girlfriend and ex-wife) in San Diego when he moved to Seattle. A collective group of fans, purchased this from Eddie's neighbor/friend.

01 - One Step Up (Bruce Springsteen's cover)
02 - Crossroads
03 - Believe You Me
04 - Reggae Woman
Date: Summer 1988
Sound: A+
+ Link 1
+ Link 2

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Cinematics - A Strange Education (2007)

Formed in Glasgow not so long ago, the group has enjoyed critical praise and this debut album Strange Education, is a long-awaited affair for new fans who first saw them support the likes of The Editors. Powered by tight grooves that demand movement and passionate, powerful and thoughtful vocals, the Cinematics also bring emotion and warmth. The end result is music that transcends any trends or underground niche. Of particular note is the ripping cold-war guitar solo on “Keep Forgetting” – reminiscent of The Edge’s Unforgettable Fire-era work… more of this will earn The Cinematics some respect, if not Top 40 status.
Grade: A-
+ Race to the City

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Interpol - Our Love to Admire (2007)

Give New York-based post-punk outfit Interpol credit, then, for consistently living up to expectations. Though recorded for the first time with an outside producer - Rich Costey, the man who ramped-up Muse's space-rock aspirations on 'Black Holes & Revelations' - 'Our Love To Admire' is not exactly a departure. Instead, the band's third album plunges straight back into a world of brooding nighthawks, seedy streets and dark corners lit by violent neon blasts.
Fantastic and delicious!
Grade: A-
+ No I In Threesome
+ The Heinreich Maneuver
+ Who Do You Think

Monday, July 30, 2007

Portugal, The Man - Church Month (2007)

Portugal the Man's second full length album "Church Mouth" was released July 24th 2007. The album leaked over many peer to peer networks. This is what the band members had to say about the issue, "Go Download it. Give yourselves taste. Feel free." So here's your taste of Church Mouth the first track off the album. Although the band was so nice as to say it was "O.K." to download the new album illegally we still encourage you to support the band here. This bands mysterious sound and melodic vocals are truly what their music is all about. Church Mouth is tremendously consistent and one of the premier rock albums of the year.
Rate: A+
+ Church Month
+ My Mind

Sunday, July 15, 2007

John Mayer - Live @ Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit/MI - 7/5/07

This is a GREAT night to remember!!! Live from The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit/MI. Perfect recording. Thanks to Sam Lincoln for this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jeff Buckley - Live from Phoenician Theatre, Sydney, Australia (09/06/05)

Great registration of this brief tour Jeff Buckley did with his band back in 1995 to promote their album Grace through Australia. In fact, it's the first recording that I know from them in Down Under. This is a live broadcast from Triple J Radio from Sydney, Australia. Kudos to Indie Waves blog.
For fans like me it's a great documentation of two great songs (Dream Brother and WWYS) that we cover with my band - Garden of Souls!

01. Dream Brother
02. Mojo Pin
03. So Real
04. Last Goodbye
05. What Will You Say
06. Grace
07. Lover You Should've Come Over
08. Eternal Life

Keane - The Theft of Octo (2007)

This is a 2nd compilation of outtakes and b-sides made by Keane fans. Fantastic material! Enjoy!

+ Link 1 (re-uploaded!)

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (Full Album)

And they are back!! Check out the new SP's album being which is being streamed live through AOL's website through this week.