Thursday, February 22, 2007

Silverchair - Live Acoustic @ Jonesy´s Jukebox (02.20.07)

Good laughs, a few weird covers (ABBA, Eminem, Willy Wonka) and a couple of their new songs.
+ That's the new Silverchair!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Army of Anyone - Acoustic/Stripped Performance

Watch this amazing live performance of Army of Anyone's: Raw & Real (Clear Channel) Performance. Richard's voice is JUST right! These are great live performances of Better Place, This Wasn't Supposed to Happen and Stop, Look, and Listen (this one by the fantastic Robert DeLeo), as well as covers of Stone Temple Pilots' Interstate Love Song and Filter's Take A Picture.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Garden of Souls - Live @ New Way Bar and Club Bart - Ferndale, MI

Wow... It's been what? less than a month? but it feels awesome to be around such great musicians and new friends. I'll miss those 2 gigs we had together but I'm sure that we'll have much more to count on. The sincere feedback we have received on those 2 gigs has also being great and motivating. 2007 it's gonna be a GREAT year for the Garden of Souls! Many thanks to all those who continue to cast their votes for us on The Next Big Thing.
Nawlins Bayou (Live @ New Way Bar, Ferndale, MI - 2/2/07)

Wake Up (Live @ Club Bart, Ferndale, MI - 2/7/07)

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+ A few Mp3s to download here

Klaxons - XFM Session

Aiming to bring a bit of rave culture back to rock music these hotly tipped London boys produced a blistering debut session.
+ More info here

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bright Eyes - Four Winds (EP) - A quick glance.

This to-be-released EP will come with 6 tracks: their first single "Four Winds" and 5 other b-sides from the 2006 recording sessions. His new album - Cassadaga - is set to be released on April 10th.
1 - "Four Winds"
2 - "Reinvent the Wheel"
3 - "Smoke Without Fire"
4 - "Stray Dog Freedom"
5 - "Cartoon Blues"
6 - "Tourist Trap"

Silverchair - Straight Lines (videoclip)

Silverchair's upcoming album - Young Modern - is set to be released on March 31st. In the interim, check out their first single "Straight Lines". The videoclip was filmed at Sydney's Olympic Park train station.

Army of Anyone - Jamming a new idea in Detroit, MI (Live @ St Andrew's Hall - 2/9/07)

The DeLeo Brothers gave us an unforgettable performance last night. In between their songs, they gave us this unique jam displaying all the talent they have. Ray Luzier on the drums completes them perfectly... Can you tell how mesmerized is Patrick?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Garden of Souls is Back on the Scene! Please Vote!

And the time has come! Garden of Souls is back! We'll be getting the rust off tonight @ New Way Bar in Ferndale, MI @ 10pm.

The Next Big Thing and we need your help with the votes. Each person will be able to cast one vote every day. If we win the contest we will be the sites featured band for the month of March and this could mean a lot of exposure for us. So beginning February 1st please follow the link below and select us as your favourite band...EVERY DAY! Cast your vote now!

Edwin - A review of his discography

Hey everyone,

Luke DeWitt here from Garden of Souls. Joao was kind enough to let me contribute to this blog, so I'm posting some info on one of my favorite artists, Canadian rock act Edwin. He was the singer for I Mother Earth for awhile, but he's now put out three of his own CDs and is one of the more overlooked artists, in my humble opinion.

His first CD, Another Spin Around the Sun, was a great acheivement and bosted two great singles, And You (which we play) and Alive. Some other great songs on this one include Trippin', Shotgun, Screaming Kings, Take Me Anywhere and the hidden track, Have Another Drink.
His 2nd Disc was done with the band The Pressure. This CD was heavier than the first, but still had his signature sound. Some great tracks off this one include Superhoney, Impossible, Let's Dance and Close Your Eyes.

His 3rd disc just came out and it's called Better Days. They just released his first single, Right Here, and other recommended tracks include Never Over, Wrong Side and a great acoustic version of Alive.

Well, hopefully, this won't be the only post I make, but I'll be pretty busy with things, so I'll hand it back over to Joao!


Duncan Sheik - A Home at the End of the World (Soundtrack)

Duncan Sheik is back in the spotlight now as he wrote the original musical score of the latest most-successful Broadway musical "Spring Awakening".
The reason I decided to post this (and it's almost 2:00AM), it's because I'll always admire Duncan Sheik's work. It's inevitable... This is a true masterpiece. Few reviews that I've found:
* Amazon: "It’s the half-dozen warm, introspective new tracks from Duncan Sheik that form the soundtrack's evocative emotional core, with melancholic, production-rich standouts like "Something Somewhere" infusing it with a smart, contemporary atmosphere."
* All Music Guide: "On the soundtrack to Michael Mayer's adaptation of Michael Cunningham's (The Hours) novel, Duncan Sheik takes the sensitivity and tension of the film's plot and crafts incidental music and new songs that complement the movie well."
* Barnes & Nobles: "Giving the disc a more contemporary flair is original material by Duncan Sheik, whose contributions here are more in line with his recent, orchestral-flavored work. The intricate string arrangement on the opening cut, "Something Somewhere," lends the piece a melancholic sheen. Elsewhere, Sheik offers two versions of "There's a Home": a stripped-down instrumental featuring acoustic guitar and an interpretation fleshed out by Sheik's vocals as well as piano and strings. With its array of sensitive songs anchored by Sheik's introspective contributions, the soundtrack for this Colin Farrell vehicle proves to be a good companion for a rainy day or a gloomy mood."
+ Check it out