Monday, July 31, 2006

As Tall As Lions - Full Album (Streaming)

They are from Long Island, NY and starting with a release of their self-titled debut album by a major label followed by a US Tour. "Stab City", "A Break A Pause" are one of the best. Vocals remind A LOT of Jeff Buckley's falsetto. A great british influence to their sounds makes this a worth listening band. Check those out!
+ Listen the full album here!
+ Official Website
+ Myspace Website
+ Pure Volume

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - Two new tracks for his upcoming album!

He is coming back in october with a whole new album (World Waits) which will be reason for lots of reviews - especially one here. I've been his fan since Sunny Day Real Estate. Anyway, he just opened his Myspace website with a couple of new songs and several studio pictures. He is also kicking off tomorrow his US Tour in Denver, CO. So stay tunned!

"Been Here Before" has touched my ears in such way that I can't stop listening to it. "Now that you're gone... who in your eyes is suddenly denied. I sympathize... It's ok"
+ Been Here Before
+ River To Sea
+ A nice article with his comments on some of the album's tracks

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Damien Rice - Live from Toronto - July 17th 2006

Damien Rice is the opening act of current Fiona Apple's tour in USA and Canada. He has been playing a few new songs which hopefully will become part of his new album (untitled, unknown release date). In the meantime, we can check a few things I gather for you from the last Toronto's concert:
+ Accidental Babies - exclusive new track mp3/video
It's a gut-wrenching piece about love & loss that I can't stop listening to. This is the age-old breakup song wherein the singer wonders about everything his lover is doing with her new guy ("Do you brush your teeth before you kiss? Do you miss my smell? Do you really feel alive without me? If so, be free. If not, leave him for me - before one of us has accidental babies.")

Damien was completely solo, no band at all. He played from 9pm til 11pm. He said that lisa will start the tour in boston and that the new album is completely recorded and done. Someone yelled "when is it coming out?!" he replied "soon." and then the crowd yelled "that's what you said last year..." he winced and said "december-ish. It's like trees... you know... how fruits.. come from trees.. And if you pick it too early... it's no good"
Also from the Toronto's concert:
+ Accidental Babies (oh how I hope this makes it onto the next album!)
+ Volcano
+ Woman Like A Man
+ I Remember (incomplete)
+ The Professor & La fille danse
+ Another new song

+ BONUS: Another complete broadcasted concert from 2003

The Fire Theft - Hands on You (b-side)

I came across this b-side not too long ago. It was an exclusive track from the japanese release of the self-titled debut album. Jeremy Enigk should have his 2nd solo album (World Waits) coming out on October 17! He is gonna also perform on the upcoming Lollapalooza festival in Chicago - August 04-06
Hands on You

Midlake - 'The Trials of Van Occuphanter'

"Every once in a while, a band comes along that undoubtedly evokes something special. You don't know what the elusive ingredient is, but you are certain that they belong set apart from amongst the crowd of musical peers in which they lay. You quickly find yourself coming to the foregone conclusion that such a band's music is to be revered and will remain relevant for some time to come. Midlake not only embodies this idealism in the hearts of many already, but with 'The Trials of Van Occupanther', they are making it a reality." (part of band's bio)

UNCUT Music Magazine - By Simon Goddard "Recorded at home in Denton, Texas, mixed at Abbey Road in London (by label patron/ex-Cocteau Simon Raymonde) and adored in France (where its been available two months ahead of the rest of the world), Midlake's debut has already encouraged ecstatic comparisons with The Flaming Lips and Radiohead. That'll be the formers stratospheric harmonies (take opener, "They Cannot Let It Expand", like some Fisher-Price toy Yoshimi tribute) and the sometimes vexing vocal similarity between singer Tim Smith and Thom Yorke then? Whatever, the two elements fuse beautifully on the mistily majestic "Kingfish Pies", the hypnotizing highpoint on an album which more than merits the high expectations such prestigious peer evaluations invite." 4 Stars

Check them out and other great "indie" cd's are available this week at AOL Full CD Listening Party (Mew, Tapes 'n Tapes, Landon Pigg)
Head Home

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Small Sins

Toronto's Small Sins (formerly The Ladies & Gentlemen) new self-titled album is ripe with electro beats, sipid guitar and a tender lyrical approach.
+ MySpace Website
+ More songs here

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Guggenheim Grotto

They also come from Ireland. Obviously that the comparison with Damien Rice's work is there. It doesn't mean however we should not listen to this CD with respect. This will probably be a band we will hear about. Download this wonderful EP completely for free at their website:
And A Tear Isn't Such A Bad Thing
Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue
A Lifetime In Heat
One For Sorrow
Cold Truth

++ KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jamie Lidell - Multiply (video)

Check out this great video by Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell - Live From Toronto (Harborfront Center) - July 8th

Although this crazy genious claims himself as a virgin, his music is full of soul and great vibes created by his computer. We saw him live in a free concert in Toronto at the beautiful Harborfront Center, earlier this month. What a gig! Be careful, he doesn't like to be compared to Gnarls Barkley. Below some pictures and a few mp3s to understand what I'm talking about...

+ Jamie Lidell - Multiply
Jamie Lidell - What Is It This Time?
Jamie Lidell - What's the Use?
Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix)
+ The Interface @ AOL Music with live performance and cool interview!
The Strokes - You Only Live Once (video)

Great song by the Strokes with a video that is even better!

Twilight Singers w/ Mark Lanegan - Live @ KEXP 06-22-2006

This was a memorable set by Greg Dulli and his gan. It included also Mark Lanegan singing Massive Attack's "Live With Me". Fantastic!
Download the complete set here

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weezer is over...

In Rivers own words: "I've been writing a lot. I don't know what'll happen with these songs — if anything — I just sort of write them and I can't stop. I certainly don't see them becoming Weezer songs, and I don't really see the point of a solo career. ... The band is all back in Los Angeles, and I sometimes I speak with Patrick, and I occasionally e-mail with Brian and Scott, but we've never mentioned getting together. Really, for the moment, we are done."
+ Weezer covering The Pixies - Velouria
+ Perfect Situation video

The Killers and Audioslave new tracks!

In a recent interview with, Tom Morello described the record (REVELATIONS) as "Led Zeppelin meets Earth, Wind and Fire," adding that it's a "big hard rock record with a funky bottom." Among the album's many highlights is the groove-driven lead single, "Original Fire," and "Wide Awake," about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "It's probably Audioslave's most political song to date," says Morello.
+ Audioslave - Original Fire

Brandon has been quoted as saying that their new sound is somewhat Springsteen-influenced; this particular example is heavy on the Bruce. for those who are fans of that, they'll eat this up. if you're not, you'll probably focus on the fact that the instrumentation is pretty good, probably the best part of the song. it's well produced, with strings and synth and changing dynamics and everything.
The Killers - When You Were Young

Thom Yorke - The Clock (live video) and KCRW performance

Thom Yorke played "The Clock" yesterday (july 15th) at the Henry Rollins Show. INCREDIBLE! Stay tunned for next performance on the 20th!

And at KCRW on the 11th. Here's the Setlist:
02-Cymbal Rush
04-The Clock

The Working Title

The Working Title will be the opening act for the upcoming tour of Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls. With a major-label CD just released (about-face) their sound is a mix of contemporary references creating an enjoyable listening. Nothing outstanding though... "The Crash" is already being played on the radios over and over. Would they be a band of a single album?
Check those websites for more songs:

Saturday, July 15, 2006

José González @ AOL - The Interface

Check out this AOL performance with a nice interview commenting about the new songs, his musical career and new experiences.

Death Cab for Cutie - B-Sides & Rare Tracks

1.The Temporary Life
2. Jealousy Ride With Me
3. World Shut Your Mouth
4. Talking Like Turnstiles
(from Una Piel de Astracán)

Pearl Jam - VH1 Storytellers (complete)

The blog It's Evolution Baby! posted this complete show that VH1 broadcasted a couple of weeks ago. This is a must have for all of us big fans of PJ!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Five For Fighting - The Riddle

This past weekend was really special for me and my wife. We went to Canada and on the way there, the radio played the new song (The Riddle) by one of my favorite bands - Five for Fighting. Searching a little more, I've found they're about to release a new album on August 1st (Two Lights), which I just can't wait to hear.

In the meantime, you can:
+ listen to the new song in their MySpace website
+ watch the video on the MTV website

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Radiohead - 18 New Songs

Radiohead just finished their US Tour and left us with 18 new songs. I compiled those into a single file so you can enjoy these great new tunes!
+ Radiohead - 18 New Songs (pass:
+ Complete recent concerts

A little of R.E.M while they are gone

In the Austin City Limits (Dec/05) Coldplay played a couple songs with Michael Stipe and honestly made it unforgettable. Nightswimming it's probably THE GREATEST song ever written by R.E.M. Does anyone knwo when are they coming back? Here are some interesting video I've found
+ Nightswimming video
+ In The Sun with Coldplay ft Michael Stipe video / mp3

+ Very odd recording of Thom Yorke with R.E.M singing "Be Mine"

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

José González - Hand On Your Heart Video

José González cover this Kylie Minogue's song bringing a complete new color.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

José González, Juana Molina and Psapp Live @ Magic Stick, Detroit, June 25th

That night was unforgettable! To begin with, I ran into JG as he was walking in to the venue and I had the chance introduce myself. He was so kind but very shy.

Psapp was a good surprise, specially when JG and girlfriend went up on the stage to play some animal toys on stage!

Juana Molina was interesting but she lost the vibe/enthusiasm as she seemed to be playing to herself.

José González concert was outstanding. It's incredible how can someone play so beautifully the guitar. The crowd listened silently for the 50 mins his complete set with a special bonus "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division. He also performed a new song (yet untitled) which I had the chance to record for only a few secs. Does anyone know the name?
+ Unknown song
+ Video

After the gig, we talked again and he autographed my Veneer CD. It was very nice hear him talking a little bit in portuguese to my parents (who for few moments were confused as JG's parents!?)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gran Bel Fisher - Full Moon Cigarette

I still don't quite understand why this past week's Real Detroit (see below) nailed this great CD. Gran Bel Fisher (who's voice has similarities to Jim Morrison at times and literary seems haunting in some tracks) has a good blend of just about every kind of popular music being played on today’s radio. His songs have the kind of hooks that pull you into them by the first chorus, and are easily enjoyable. "Full Moon Cigarette" and "Edible" are my favorites tunes.

"Superb production does not a great album make; Fisher's effort comes out flat, like some diet cola alternative to Jeff Buckley. No doubt a talented voice and songwriter, but the tunes collected here (with the exception of a few gems) are an awkward batch of eye-rollers." (**/4 by Real Detroit)

+ My Space Website
+ Official Website (under construction)
+ Crash and Burn (only downloadable song from website)