Monday, August 28, 2006

From the Library - Part 1

Let's see if this works... I'll start this first part of FTL with a couple of CDs that I've listened over this weekend. Although they might have been reviewed elsewhere before, they are still good musical references.

(****/5 stars)
On their debut album, the keyword is "mixing influences". One can hear a number of stylistic influences from the Beatles to the Smiths. And hey, there is nothing wrong with that. They play around with their influences, mixing, matching, and seeing what sounds best. There's a real joy in watching a band (from NYC) come into its own. It's a safe bet Ambulance Ltd. will already be there by the time you read this.

+ Ambulance LTD-Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
AMBULANCE LTD -- Heavy Lifting
MySpace website

PERNICE BROTHERS - Discover a Lovely You (2005)

Discover A Lovelier You is yet another album of pop tunes that continues a very clear trajectory begun with Overcome By Happiness and continued through Your, Mine & Ours. If you’re a fan of those records you will undoubtedly love Discover A Lovelier You. While the necessary PR will call these songs his best and most accomplished to date, the reality is that these songs could fit on just about any other Joe Pernice related project. The production may be turned up a bit on Discover A Lovelier You, but the songs themselves, especially when looked at in the context of his body of work, are simply a case of piling goodness on top of goodness. Fans of Trashcan Sinatras, Kings of Convenience, The Beatles will like this work.

+ Pernice Brothers - my so-called celibate life
+ Pernice Brothers - there goes the sun
+ Official website

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A few from Led Zeppelin and how their name came about

The name Led Zeppelin was based on something Keith Moon (The Who, drummer) said about a proposed off-shoot group featuring himself, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. He described it as, “going down like a lead balloon, or a lead zeppelin.” John Entwistle (The Who, bass/keyboards/vocals) insists that he came up with the name, but Jimmy Page has confirmed many times that Keith Moon gave them the name. Maybe John Entwistle did think of the name and told it to Keith Moon who told it to Jimmy Page! The group deliberately dropped the 'a' in Lead at the suggestion of their manager, Peter Grant, to prevent people from pronouncing it as "leed".
+ Led Zeppelin - Babe im gonna leave you
+ Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song (Live)"
+ Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone
+ Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song (my favorite for now)
+ Led Zeppelin - Ramble On

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

John Mayer - Continuum - Sneek Peek of the complete album!

Just a few minutes ago, I came across this link where you can hear the new album completely!
+ Click here!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

John Mayer - Waiting on the World to Change (Limited edition EP)

And he's is coming back on tour with new album (Continuum) and with Sheryl Crow as the opening act! Just recently his first single "Waiting on the World to Change" was released. It has 2 bonus tracks: a bonus acoustic version of the song featuring Ben Harper and the studio version of "Good Love Is On The Way."
Me and all my friends// We're all misunderstood// They say we stand for nothing and// There's no way we ever could// Now we see everything that's going wrong// With the world and those who lead it// We just feel like we don't have the means// To rise above and beat it

So we keep waiting// Waiting on the world to change...

It's hard to beat the system// When we're standing at a distance

In an age of widespread youth disengagement, it's always refreshing to see a popular artist infuse politics into music (in this song, Mayer directly addresses bringing the troops home, rails against the right-wing media, etc). Instead of calling on us to "rise up," Mayer tells us to sit tight and wait till we're grown-ups. "One day our generation is gonna rule the population," he sings.

Some just released information:
+ Exclusive first listen of CONTINUUM on Wed, Aug 23rd @ 8:30pm EST
+ NBC's Today show live this coming Aug 25th
+ Check out his blog!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pearl Jam - Avocado Live!

It's Evolution Baby posted this collection of their new songs performed during the US tour. Great quality!
+ Avocado Live

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keane - Crystal Ball Videoclip

Check out their new videoclip. The video doesn't go to well with the song, but I have to admit that the solo at the end it's great!


Snowden, largely follows the evolution of Jeffares' post-collegiate home recordings in Athens and Atlanta. Hands clap and drums trip over flashy rhythms while guitars stutter through unique melodic progressions. The group's Jade Tree debut, Anti-Anti, expands studio credit to include some tracks engineered by Erik Wofford (The Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky, My Morning Jacket) as well as a few helmed solely by Jeffares. Although Snowden grew from a rather isolated situation and mood, ironically those same conditions are what continues to draw listeners in.You must hear this one!
Snowden - Anti-Anti
+ Snowden - Black Eyes
+ Snowden - Stop Your Bleeding
+ Snowden - Kill The Power
+ Victim Card , Snowden [EP] (Snowden, 2003)
+ Good News , Snowden [EP] (Snowden, 2003)
MySpace Website

Chris Cornell in the next 007 Soundtrack

I'm guessing you've all heard about how Chris Cornell will be collaborating with David Arnold on the new 007-Bond theme. Apparently, it's the first time a guy has sung the theme since A-ha did the Living Daylights. I'm not sure what I think about this as I always quite liked Soundgarden when I was a kid. Here a few samples of his GREAT voice.
+ Like Suicide (exclusive b-side in an acoustic version)
+ “Seasons” by Chris Cornell (from The Singles soundtrack)
+ Preaching the End of the World (from his solo album - Euphoria Morning)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Revolver and its 40th Anniversary

Revolver wouldn't remain the Beatles' most ambitious LP for long, but many fans--including this one--remember it as their best. An object lesson in fitting great songwriting into experimental production and genre play, this is also a record whose influence extends far beyond mere they-was-the-greatest cheerleading. Putting McCartney's more traditionally melodic "Here, There and Everywhere" and "For No One" alongside Lennon's direct-hit sneering ("Dr. Robert") and dreamscapes ("I'm Only Sleeping," "Tomorrow Never Knows") and Harrison's peaking wit ("Taxman") was as conceptually brilliant as anything Sgt. Pepper attempted, and more subtly fulfilling. A must. Ray Newman is a superfan of the Beatles. He has written a e-book on Revolver, which were released in august, '66. It's good stuff.

+ Ray Newman - Abracadabra (pdf)
+ Taxman
+ For No One
+ Tomorrow Never Knows

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pearl Jam - Bootleg Live from Chicago DVD is out!

I just came across this information yesterday. Non-official release but for fans it is just a beginning of more to come. More info here

Galaxie 500 - Today (1988)... but so fresh

Guitarist Dean Wareham, drummer Damon Krukowski and bassist Naomi Yang began playing together during their time as students at Harvard University. The trio was heavily influenced by The Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Jonathan Richman. When Galaxie 500 was first formed, Damon Krukowski didn't own a drum kit, so he borrowed one from his Harvard classmate Conan O'Brien, who'd bought a kit but had recently given up playing it. This drum kit can be heard on many of Galaxie 500's early recordings. Thruston Moore considered Today as "the best guitar album from 1988". Melody Maker called the LP "an astonishing debut by anybody’s standards," and indeed it is. The incredible, supple beauty that Galaxie spun like straw was so sweetly melancholic that it all but smothered you. Dean Wareham is continuing his adventures in Luna.
+ Here She Comes Now (Velvet Underground cover)
Tell Me (from album On Fire - 1989)
MySpace Website

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - Live from Cleveland, Aug 5th 2006 - (Part 3)

Alright, here's the final part with a couple more of exclusive videos from the Cleveland show @ House of Blues on Aug 5th. It includes Been Here Before (previously unreleased from the upcoming album World Waits) and Shade and Black Hat (from Return of the Frog Queen) when he plays the keyboard, completely amazing! Thank you for all the emails and comments received. Thank you Jeremy for allowing this and I can't wait to listen to the new album!
+ Been Here Before
+ Shade and Black Hat
++ Excellent recent interview from Seattle Post entitled "Jeremy Enigk walks back into the light"

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - Live from Cleveland - Aug 5th 2006 (Part 2)

Thanks to everyone who stop by and sent messages and comments. Thanks to my friend Bob Junior for making the compression of these videos work through YouTube and, last but not least, to Jeremy Enigk for allowing me to post them here for you! Enjoy.
+ Asleep Under Last Weeks News / original video
+ Damien's Dreams (previously unreleased) / original video (104 mb)
+ World Waits (previously unreleased)

PS: Still working on a couple more videos to make it available through YouTube.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - Live from House of Blues - Cleveland, OH - Aug 5th 2006

This concert certainly will be never forgotten. Jeremy Enigk is not only a talented musician but a great human being... I can't believe we've talked for a while waiting for the opening act to start. He mentioned to me that "the thing is keep yourself busy, to never stop playing music". So I ask, "Should we wait for a new album from The Fire Theft?"; he said "most definitely! In fact I just talked recently with Will (Goldsmith) and he said he would be up to a 2nd record". He was humble, very personable and accessible to his fans.

The setlist included 7 out of the 10 new songs (wow!) from his upcoming album World Waits. The supporting band seemed to be ok and Jeff Palmer, the bassist, was very consistent since he has been playing with Jeremy for a while since after Natel Mandel left SDRE.

Jeremy really had a great time in Cleveland! He even admitted to me "yeah, Lollapalooza yesterday was ok but too big... too distractive". The Commodore Room inside the House of Blues had a great ambience and the crowd was really into his set. I've got a few videos which Jeremy said it would be ok to share (more to come):
+ Dare a Smile (previously unreleased)
+ River to Sea (previously unreleased)
+ Set It On Fire
+ Abigail

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gomez - How We Operate

Gomez is another great english band! Their sound comes from different influences mixed with several individual talents. Their last album How We Operate was produced by Gil Norton (who produced Foo Fighters, Pixies, Echo and the Bunnymen). They admit that he completely re-shaped the sound of the band "bringing more singing, harmonies and leaving the whistles, bells behind..." which they don't regret at all. It is probably one of the best albums of 2006. Check it out
+ How We Operate
+ Notice
+ Girlshapedlovedrug
+ Myspace website
+ Official Website
+ Live performance for AT&T Blueroom

Friday, August 04, 2006

Maritime - We, The Vehicles

Maritime comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They just released a 2nd album We, The Vehicles, which has lately being playing on my mp3 player quite a lot! The reason is that their songs are simple; plain and straightforward. The recipe is drop dead easy: one slightly-raspy vocal + one acoustic guitar = a soothing, comfortable song. The guitar isn’t overly complex or distracting, and the voice complements this stripped down sound well.
+ Maritime - Tearing Up The Oxygen
+ Maritime - Calm
+ Maritime - I Used to Be a Singer
+ Maritime - Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts
+ MySpace website

Tiger Bear Wolf - Pure Rock'n'Roll for your ears!

What do I have to say about this ferocious rock ‘n roll band? The more complicated and intricate the guitar dueling, the better. The sloppier the punk vocal “stylings,” the more I don’t really give a damn about them. The guitar playing has something from Jimi Hendrix. Punk vocals which might not be perfect, but they have a raw, passionate feel that fits their sound perfectly with great bass playing. The lack of sound effects, this is real-deal rock fun. Check it out!
+ Tiger Bear Wolf - You Play Guitar
+ Input, Output
+ Wrong Lens Wrong Film

The Format - Dog Problems

The Format is a band that has nothing much to offer other than being a pop band with meaty melodies and oo-la-la choruses. It might show more maturity that their previous album Interventions and Lullabies. Their sound resembles a lot of Maritime which resembles Phoenix. Not too much innovation here but good music to listen during your workout.
+ The Format - Time Bomb
+ The Format - She Doesnt Get It
+ The Format on Myspace

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fire Theft, Jeremy Enigk and Sunny Day Real Estate

I just came across this FTP which has tons of mp3s, videos for SDRE, FT and why now Jeremy Enigk's work. Fantastic, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Album Leaf - Into the Blue Again

I'll be the first to tell you that I absolutely LOVE post-rock. I don't think there's nearly enough of it being released to the world, and maybe that's because not enough people are aware of such a beautiful genre of music. I can think of nothing more inspiring than sitting alone in a room with headphones on and a post-rock CD playing. Sometimes the you can sit there and be completely overwhelmed by how incredibly touching the music is. The emotions can range anywhere from being completely overcome with tears of joy or sadness. It's really powerful stuff. Anyways, I have many notable favorite post-rock bands, each of which has guided me through a particular time in my life in great ways. One band that's NOT on that list of "favorites" is The Album Leaf. It's not that I don't like Jimmy LaValle or the soundscapes he creates, it's more like whenever an Album Leaf record comes out I'm never in the "mood" for post-rock. I don't exactly know why. I'm trying to NOT make that mistake with the new Album Leaf CD, "Into the Blue Again." It comes out on September 12th, and is full of great tracks that remind me of a Postal Service/Dntel mashup with a band like Mogwai or Sigur Ros. There's 10 tracks of beauty on this one, and only a few songs have vocals with them. I highly recommend it as good bedtime listening. Anyways, here's a track off the album. It's one of the instrumentals, and I hope you listen to it back to back with some other post-rock. (great post I've found oh Faronheit)
+ The Album Leaf - See In You