Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keane - The Theft of Octo (2007)

This is a 2nd compilation of outtakes and b-sides made by Keane fans. Fantastic material! Enjoy!

+ Link 1 (re-uploaded!)

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TorontoViewer said...

I SO wanted to listen to this but RAR and my Mac don't get along.
Any chance of an MP3 form?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this!

to my friend above (or below), download stuffit expander and then drop the .rar file into it. it will 'unzip' it. ;) i use it all the time on my mac.

Anonymous said...

Links are dead. Can anyone re-up this?

One Died Simply said...

The Link has been reposted!

Sara K. said...

so cool!
what a great idea they had!


Sara K.

Paula Groff said...

@ TorontoViewer and the Anonymous right below:

Another alternative for Mac users is Zipeg, which I find way better than Stuffit Expander to extract items. It supports .rar, .zip and many many others.

You can download it at


Anonymous said...

I realy don't know how to download it....please someone can tell?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the amazing compilation

Anonymous said...

the links were dead again, could you please upload them again? thanks!

Maayani said...

I have a regular PC (pretty new) but am deathly afraid of viruses.

So... would you kindly tell me how I upload this beautiful music? (like to a slow child: "Press this; Press OK", etc.)?

Sorry but I'm a download newbie!

Thank you so much!!
Download Newbie and Keane Fan