Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cosmotone - Cosmotone

In my humble opinion, a good song always gets me for its melody rather than the lyrics. If anything, that's the first impression that "register". Whereas for other ones, music+lyrics share the same importance, for me a good melodic line, or a good riff that sticks out "pays off" the value of a good song.
Cosmotone is a band from my hometown - Fortaleza, Brazil - that I just got introduced by its own bassist - Fabricio Alves - who I recently met and... boy... what a surprise!
Their self-titled debut album (independent release) is full of great pop songs with well-thought arrangements that bring a solid musical consistency throughout the album... The lyrics are permeated of stories about broken relationships, loneliness, uncertainty, forgiveness. Feelings that certainly all of us have once experienced. But perhaps here is where I think they can expand more in a future album - creating a broader palette of themes to match the beautiful of songs they crafted so well in this CD.
Congrats Fabricio and his band for putting out such a great work which impressed me for the quality of its melodic "hooks" - which kept playing over and over in my head...
Grade: A+

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