Friday, October 13, 2006

Chasing SNOW PATROL Cars - Live from Scotland - BBC Big Weekend - 5/13/06

It's not that easy to find live recordings of this great band! It's true that Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars has probably being overplayed given the success of Grey's Anatomy, but hey it's not their fault. Their last album (Eyes Open) indeed deserves a lot of respect. They combined great pop-rock elements creating songs like "You're All I Have", "Hands Open", "It's Beginning to Get to Me" and so many others. Enjoy this direct live recording broadcasted by BBC Radio 1 FM from Dundee, Scotland!

01 Intro
02 Spitting Games
03 It's Beginning To Get To Me
04 Chocolate
05 Hands Open
06 How To Be Dead
07 Chasing Cars
08 Make This Go On Forever
09 Run
10 Tiny Little Fractures
11 You're All I Have
+ The complete concert
+ Official website

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Guilherme said...

Thank you for this!!! I can hardly wait to listen to it!