Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - World Waits (2006)

(***** out of 5 stars)

Jeremy's new album (World Waits) has been playing in my mp3 player almost non-stop. This is just a small way to acknowledge the admiration I have for his work. Return of the Frog Queen blew me away when it was released, and recently the (unreleased) soundtrack of United States of Leland had those 3 beautiful songs I didn't get tired listening to them.
I recently saw Jeremy live in Cleveland, OH (3 parts) and it was one of those unforgettable moments I will always carry with me. Growing up in Brazil, I really had a hard time getting the hands on the Sunny Day Real Estate Records. Playing their classic Seven with my band is something that I will never forget. He was gladly surprise to know the extension of his music when I mentioned that to him. What a great genuine person he is!
Having heard this CD a few times, I few comfortable commenting on a few highlights. Certainly it is the more accessible of the two solo albums. Jeremy Enigk, through many avenues, has paved a road for many a band, and continues to set the bar higher and higher in regard to what it really means to write an album that is not only relevant, but also tugs at the emotions of the listener in ways few artists and bands can do today.
Damien Dreams", the album's centerpiece, yields the greatest rewards, achieving the same spine chilling effects as Sunny Day's most grandiose moments. The near cathartic choruses that Enigk is able to conjure are perhaps his signature, the stylistic element that unifies Enigk's recorded output. Sonically, there is a similar element throughout: the quiet to loud, the majestic choruses, Enigk pushing his range, highlighting the timbre of his upper register. It is not a light album by any means, but it does sound like his first attempt to conciously reach for a larger audience, despite its indie-label release. Other standout tracks are easily “Cannons”, “Hard To Explain” (probably the best song on the album), and even the hidden track, which emotionally, yet perfectly, brings the album to a close.
A few things I'd like to share with you:
+ AOL - The Interface (exclusive acoustic set with classics such as Explain and new tunes!)
+ Jeremy Enigk - Been Here Before
+ Jeremy Enigk - River to Sea
+ Jeremy Enigk - Damien Dreams (from House of Blues, Cleveland, OH)

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