Sunday, November 05, 2006

Army of Anyone - Upcoming new CD and live tracks!

Take the lead singer of Filter, add the guitarist and bassist from Stone Temple Pilots and bring in one of the leading session drummers around and what do you have? Those are the ingredients that went into forming Army of Anyone, which features vocalist Richard Patrick, Stone Temple Pilot founding members Dean and Robert DeLeo and seasoned drummer Ray Luzier. Between the years 1994-2002, Richard and Robert and Dean have shared many a stage and have crossed many a path. Each of them being fans of the others’ work, the guys would jam and hang out at any given opportunity. The foundation for the group was laid when Patrick enlisted the DeLeos to help him co-write a song for the Filter album he was working on at the time. The result, “A Better Place,” turned out to be prophetic, and the beginning of something new. Within a couple of days, the three musicians decided they would take this working relationship to the next level, and Army of Anyone was born.
Army of Anyone - Disappear
+ Army of Anyone - Goodbye
+ Army of Anyone - It Doesn't Seem to Matter
+ Army of Anyone - Leave it (exclusive from DC101 - live performance on 10/12/06)
+ Army of Anyone - Interstate Love Song (exclusive from DC101 - live performance on 10/12/06)
+ Listen here to snippets of all the tracks for the upcoming album
+ Official website

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