Sunday, November 26, 2006

Greg Laswell - Through Toledo (2006)

There will be always space for good new music. Greg Laswell's just finished touring with Sia and that's how I've got to know him. What an amazing talent, completely underrated. I'll leave these comments from another amazing blog (Chrome Waves).
"It's no secret that I can be a little tough on singer-songwriter types, so when I say that San Diegan Greg Laswell's new record Through Toledo really impressed on first listen, that's saying something. Written, performed and produced entirely by Laswell, Through Toledo is a lovely slice of adult-ish pop. Heavy on melancholy but also hooky and melodic and able to range from delicacy to rocking out without ever sounding forced or overwhelming Laswell's emotive, weary rasp. There's actually something very Coldplay-ish about this record, but only in a positive sense - replace Chris Martin's empty platitudes and arena rock gestures with real emotional depth and intimacy, for example. I'm actually somewhat surprised how much I'm enjoying this record, but I do/am/whatever the gramatically correct way to end this sentence is."
+ Sing, Theresa Says
+ High and Low
+ Through Toledo
Bonus song from Though Toledo:
+ Amazed
Bonus songs from Greg' debut Good Movie:
+ Bright Ideas
+ 7 am
+ Video: Greg Laswell - "Sing, Theresa Says" (MOV)

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