Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Billy Corgan - The Machina Acoustic Demos (1998)

While anxiously awaiting for a promised new album by Billy Corgan, I've found this GREAT material on the internet. Recorded in late 1998 at Billy Corgan's house, he reveals the complete Machina album in an introspective, solo-acoustic recording. I've asked myself several times while listening to his guitar strumming and unique voice tone, "Boy... how can he write so many great pop songs?!". The remainder of this rare CD is completed by other 7 Adore demos recorded at Chicago Recording Co. in Feb/1997.
If you're a SP fan, you will certainly appreciate the value of these rare recordings.
+ Enjoy!


Thomas said...

Thank you so much for this! I love old pumpkins rarities.

Katacultura said...

Olá, Legal teu blog!
Se der tempo dá uma passada no meu:
Lá tem umas dicas de cds. Se gostar deixa um comentário e faz um link no teu blogger( vou te linkar no meu)

One Died Simply said...

Thanks Thomas!

Anonymous said...

Could you upload it again please ???, is not available no more @ megaupload, could you try rapidshare, please ???

Thanks !

... You got a great blog, congrats !