Saturday, January 27, 2007

Radiohead - Unplugged (1996)

1. Killer Cars
2. Wonderwall
3. Blow Out
4. Street Spirit
5. Lucky
6. High And Dry
7. Motion Pictur Soundtrack
8. Fake Plastic Trees
9. Black Star
10. Street Spirit
11. Subteranian Homesick Alien
12. Thinking About You
13. Creep
14. Just
15. Lozenge Of Love
16. Bulletproof
17. Killer Cars
18. Banana Co
19. Yes I Am
20. Airbag
21. Fake Plastic
+ Thanks to RodMusic
+ As promised an alternative link


Anonymous said...

Hi,I'm from Brazil and i think your blog is unique because here i can find many rarities like live shows from keane and Radiohead,but i can't download this Radiohead Unplugged from rapidshare.Could You please repost it with gigasize or megaupload???I'm waiting for answers!!!!Thank You So much!!!Congratulations for the nice job!!!!

amylola said...

wow, way cool. where is this from? or is it a collection of random acoustic songs? thanks!

amylola said...

but .... who is doing wonderwall? it doesn't sound like thom or oasis ... or is it? any information on this track?

One Died Simply said...

Thanks for all the comments! This is a collection of acoustic songs that Radiohead put together through several years. Great stuff!

I'll upload soon the source file to a different website.

Anonymous said...

Thank You,One Died Simply!!!I'll be waiting!!!

One Died Simply said...

Just posted! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for the other link!!!We here in Brazil appreciated so much!!Could You,if possible,post with gigasize,because i think there isn't any complaint about it!!It's very simple and fast download with It!!!Thank You one more time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant the other shows!!!Thank You!!!!!!!

Edson/BR said...


Can you reepost it, please?


Edson (Brasil)

One Died Simply said...

Done, new link is up!

Anonymous said...

link has been deleted is there anyway you could repost but not as a RAR file plz

Anonymous said...

the link has been deleted is there anyway you could repost only not as a RAR file plz

What Goes Around said...

Hey One,

You've been ripped off AGAIN.

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