Thursday, February 01, 2007

Duncan Sheik - A Home at the End of the World (Soundtrack)

Duncan Sheik is back in the spotlight now as he wrote the original musical score of the latest most-successful Broadway musical "Spring Awakening".
The reason I decided to post this (and it's almost 2:00AM), it's because I'll always admire Duncan Sheik's work. It's inevitable... This is a true masterpiece. Few reviews that I've found:
* Amazon: "It’s the half-dozen warm, introspective new tracks from Duncan Sheik that form the soundtrack's evocative emotional core, with melancholic, production-rich standouts like "Something Somewhere" infusing it with a smart, contemporary atmosphere."
* All Music Guide: "On the soundtrack to Michael Mayer's adaptation of Michael Cunningham's (The Hours) novel, Duncan Sheik takes the sensitivity and tension of the film's plot and crafts incidental music and new songs that complement the movie well."
* Barnes & Nobles: "Giving the disc a more contemporary flair is original material by Duncan Sheik, whose contributions here are more in line with his recent, orchestral-flavored work. The intricate string arrangement on the opening cut, "Something Somewhere," lends the piece a melancholic sheen. Elsewhere, Sheik offers two versions of "There's a Home": a stripped-down instrumental featuring acoustic guitar and an interpretation fleshed out by Sheik's vocals as well as piano and strings. With its array of sensitive songs anchored by Sheik's introspective contributions, the soundtrack for this Colin Farrell vehicle proves to be a good companion for a rainy day or a gloomy mood."
+ Check it out

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