Thursday, February 01, 2007

Edwin - A review of his discography

Hey everyone,

Luke DeWitt here from Garden of Souls. Joao was kind enough to let me contribute to this blog, so I'm posting some info on one of my favorite artists, Canadian rock act Edwin. He was the singer for I Mother Earth for awhile, but he's now put out three of his own CDs and is one of the more overlooked artists, in my humble opinion.

His first CD, Another Spin Around the Sun, was a great acheivement and bosted two great singles, And You (which we play) and Alive. Some other great songs on this one include Trippin', Shotgun, Screaming Kings, Take Me Anywhere and the hidden track, Have Another Drink.
His 2nd Disc was done with the band The Pressure. This CD was heavier than the first, but still had his signature sound. Some great tracks off this one include Superhoney, Impossible, Let's Dance and Close Your Eyes.

His 3rd disc just came out and it's called Better Days. They just released his first single, Right Here, and other recommended tracks include Never Over, Wrong Side and a great acoustic version of Alive.

Well, hopefully, this won't be the only post I make, but I'll be pretty busy with things, so I'll hand it back over to Joao!


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