Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paul McCartney - Ever Present Past (New Single)

It's not very hard for one to not enjoy the work done by Paul McCartney. He continues to prove to the world (and to himself I would say) as one of the greatest modern songwriters. I'm not judging this entirely based on his lastest single - Ever Present Past. What intrigues me is his musicality - his ability of recreating new music and melodies that are NEVER a "commom place". There are certainly so many recent examples of bands that we could think of... but with 'Macca' is a little different... he never repeats himself.

"Ever Present Past" comes as tasty a fresh Mocha (no association here with the fact his new album will be released by Starbucks label with distribution by Universal Studios). Lots of keyboards layers with an upbeat tempo and melody. Very appropriate for this coming summer... The full album (Memory Almost Full) will come out on June 5th.

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