Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stone Gossard Demo '91 - aka the Gossman Project (early Ten demos)

This tape is the earliest evidence of Pearl Jam around. Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, and Jeff Ament recorded a set of instrumental demos during the Temple of the Dog sessions with Matt Cameron (then with Soundgarden) in 1990 with the intention to find a new drummer and vocalist for this musical project.
This tape would eventually find its way to Eddie Vedder via Jack Irons (ex-RHCP) who used to play basketball together.

The band:
Stone Gossard: guitar
Mike McCready: guitar
Jeff Ament: bass
Matt Cameron: drums
Chris Friel: drums on tracks 4 and 10

Track List:
1. The King (would become Even Flow)
2. Dollar Short (would become Alive)
3. Richard's 'E' (would become Alone)
4. 'E' Ballad (would become Black)
5. ? (Untitled - never released)
6. Weird 'A' (would become Animal)
7. 7Up (would become Pushin' Forward Back)
8. Doobie 'E' (would become Breath)
9. Agytian Crave (would become Once)
10. Times of Trouble (would become Footsteps) (this song also appears on Temple of the Dog with the same title)
11. Evil 'E' (would become Girl)
12. Folk 'D' (never released)

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