Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eddie Vedder - Early Demos (1998)

This tape was sent by Eddie to the guy who lived downstairs from he and Beth (long time girlfriend and ex-wife) in San Diego when he moved to Seattle. A collective group of fans, purchased this from Eddie's neighbor/friend.

01 - One Step Up (Bruce Springsteen's cover)
02 - Crossroads
03 - Believe You Me
04 - Reggae Woman
Date: Summer 1988
Sound: A+
+ Link 1
+ Link 2


Karina said...

Oh, crappers! I wish I could listen to this, but I always have problems with rar files. :/ Would you be so kind as to make it a zip? Pretty pretty please??! :D

One Died Simply said...

Hi Karina,

Just download the WinRAR software @ Quick and easy. Most of the files on the internet are on .RAR format anyway, so that will be helpful to you in the future.

karina said...

I have rar-o-phobia haha but I'll try that. thanks. :)