Friday, August 17, 2007

So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley (2007)

Buckley was never interested in selling out or shooting to the top of the charts, and that’s part of why his music seems so raw, so real, so untainted by corporate bigwigs with dollar signs in their eyes. He was a visionary, and through posthumous releases like So Real and whatever comes next, his voice remains a gift that keeps on giving. This compilation ncludes two rarities, 'So Real' (Live and Acoustic in Japan - non album version/ promo single) and 'I Know it's Over' . (Previously Unreleased - Smiths cover from a session at Sony Studios that was edited for broadcast on WNEW on April 6, 1995. It was not included on the radio broadcast.) Other highlights include 'Last Goodbye', 'Forget Her', 'Everybody Here Wants You' and more.
+ Dream Brother (alternative take)
+ I Know it's Over (which resambles a lot of Hallelujah!)

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karina said...

I don't have it yet, the songs are the same versions than what's already been released (with the two exceptions), right?

I just got "I Know It's Over" today.. I love it. :)