Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alice in Chains - Live from Austin, TX (09/29/07)

I've found this rarity in a great forum - The Seattle Connection. This is an acoustic recording in which even Scott Weiland (ex-STP) joins the AiC reunion in the song "Angry Chair". FANTASTIC!!!
01 Don't Follow
02 Heaven Beside You
03 Brother
04 I Can't Remember
05 Nutshell
06 The Killer Is Me
07 Sludge Factory
08 Love, Hate, Love

09 No Excuses

01 Down In A Hole
02 "Jam ?" Introducing Scott Weiland*
03 Angry Chair*
04 Got Me Wrong
05 (Encore Break)
06 Curtains (Elton John cover)
07 Squeeze Box (The Who cover)
08 Would?
09 Rooster
Links fixed!
+ Part 1
+ Part 2
+ Part 3


Anonymous said...

"Using sendspace through is prohibited. Please access sendspace directly."

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Anonymous said...

is reupload possible? to something easier to access like or megaupload? thanks... :-)

Naysayer said...

Rapidshare sucks ass! Megauplaod is okay. Gigasize has gotten lame, makes you wait longer than Rapidshare. Divshare is okay, 4shared is cool. Filefactory is cool. Badongo is good. The best are zshare and mediafire, no limits on how many you can download. Mediafire even lets multiple at one time.

Anonymous said...

I have crappy vista and can not open any of these after I have down loaded them.
Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

please fix the links for part 2 and part 3