Monday, August 07, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - Live from House of Blues - Cleveland, OH - Aug 5th 2006

This concert certainly will be never forgotten. Jeremy Enigk is not only a talented musician but a great human being... I can't believe we've talked for a while waiting for the opening act to start. He mentioned to me that "the thing is keep yourself busy, to never stop playing music". So I ask, "Should we wait for a new album from The Fire Theft?"; he said "most definitely! In fact I just talked recently with Will (Goldsmith) and he said he would be up to a 2nd record". He was humble, very personable and accessible to his fans.

The setlist included 7 out of the 10 new songs (wow!) from his upcoming album World Waits. The supporting band seemed to be ok and Jeff Palmer, the bassist, was very consistent since he has been playing with Jeremy for a while since after Natel Mandel left SDRE.

Jeremy really had a great time in Cleveland! He even admitted to me "yeah, Lollapalooza yesterday was ok but too big... too distractive". The Commodore Room inside the House of Blues had a great ambience and the crowd was really into his set. I've got a few videos which Jeremy said it would be ok to share (more to come):
+ Dare a Smile (previously unreleased)
+ River to Sea (previously unreleased)
+ Set It On Fire
+ Abigail


rachel pierina said...

hum..foto nova.heehe
gostei. ve se tu escreve alguma coisa em portugues tb. ja que a maioria dos teus contatos sao brasileiros..hehehh =**

johnny 5 said...

thanks for putting these goodies up. hopefully we'll see some more videos soon. thanks again!

can't wait to see jeremy in DC!

Holly said...

Ohhh, thank you for these.. I'm in love.

I am very excited to see him in England *finally*!!

One Died Simply said...

thank you for all the comments. Obrigado pelos comentários

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Nothing like seeing a balding Jeremy to make me feel old as dirt...

I miss the orchestra and the dude who did backup vocals on the Frog Queen tour, but the new stuff sounds terrific.

Happy he's making music and on the road. Here's hoping album #3 doesn't take another decade!