Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chris Cornell - Live in Denver (02/12/00)

01. Sunshower
02. Can't change me
03. Flutter girl
04. Mission
05. Preaching the end of the world
06. Seasons
07. Fell on black days
08. Disappearing one
09. Moon child
10. Sweet Euphoria

+ Check this out


Anonymous said...

corrupted files dude - I'm sad. If you have a better copy I'm got a link?


One Died Simply said...

it should be no problem with the file..

you need to use the password (sgeltoob) though

Anonymous said...

I was using a corrupted RAR extractor. Made all the differnce in the world. I came back to let you know my bad and then I found out I needed the p/w!!! Thanks for having it up for me. Can't wait to listen. Thanks for everything !


VirtualRockStar said...
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VirtualRockStar said...

Seu link foi adicionado em

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em seu blog.