Tuesday, July 04, 2006

José González, Juana Molina and Psapp Live @ Magic Stick, Detroit, June 25th

That night was unforgettable! To begin with, I ran into JG as he was walking in to the venue and I had the chance introduce myself. He was so kind but very shy.

Psapp was a good surprise, specially when JG and girlfriend went up on the stage to play some animal toys on stage!

Juana Molina was interesting but she lost the vibe/enthusiasm as she seemed to be playing to herself.

José González concert was outstanding. It's incredible how can someone play so beautifully the guitar. The crowd listened silently for the 50 mins his complete set with a special bonus "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division. He also performed a new song (yet untitled) which I had the chance to record for only a few secs. Does anyone know the name?
+ Unknown song
+ Video

After the gig, we talked again and he autographed my Veneer CD. It was very nice hear him talking a little bit in portuguese to my parents (who for few moments were confused as JG's parents!?)

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