Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jeremy Enigk - Two new tracks for his upcoming album!

He is coming back in october with a whole new album (World Waits) which will be reason for lots of reviews - especially one here. I've been his fan since Sunny Day Real Estate. Anyway, he just opened his Myspace website with a couple of new songs and several studio pictures. He is also kicking off tomorrow his US Tour in Denver, CO. So stay tunned!

"Been Here Before" has touched my ears in such way that I can't stop listening to it. "Now that you're gone... who in your eyes is suddenly denied. I sympathize... It's ok"
+ Been Here Before
+ River To Sea
+ A nice article with his comments on some of the album's tracks


Dr. Mudico said...

Já adicionei o link ;)
Teu blog é legal tb... o legal de blog é isso, uma coisa que vc não baixaria naturalmente, qnd vc vê no blog, vc passa a se interessar... agora me interessei nesse show do Damien Rice...
o unico problema é ser em inglês...

One Died Simply said...

Valeu cara!