Sunday, July 02, 2006

Gran Bel Fisher - Full Moon Cigarette

I still don't quite understand why this past week's Real Detroit (see below) nailed this great CD. Gran Bel Fisher (who's voice has similarities to Jim Morrison at times and literary seems haunting in some tracks) has a good blend of just about every kind of popular music being played on today’s radio. His songs have the kind of hooks that pull you into them by the first chorus, and are easily enjoyable. "Full Moon Cigarette" and "Edible" are my favorites tunes.

"Superb production does not a great album make; Fisher's effort comes out flat, like some diet cola alternative to Jeff Buckley. No doubt a talented voice and songwriter, but the tunes collected here (with the exception of a few gems) are an awkward batch of eye-rollers." (**/4 by Real Detroit)

+ My Space Website
+ Official Website (under construction)
+ Crash and Burn (only downloadable song from website)

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