Friday, August 04, 2006

Maritime - We, The Vehicles

Maritime comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They just released a 2nd album We, The Vehicles, which has lately being playing on my mp3 player quite a lot! The reason is that their songs are simple; plain and straightforward. The recipe is drop dead easy: one slightly-raspy vocal + one acoustic guitar = a soothing, comfortable song. The guitar isn’t overly complex or distracting, and the voice complements this stripped down sound well.
+ Maritime - Tearing Up The Oxygen
+ Maritime - Calm
+ Maritime - I Used to Be a Singer
+ Maritime - Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts
+ MySpace website


kelton said...

considering no-one else leaves comments here, i'll stop doin' it in english. =]

banda muito boa! boa indicação!

Beto said...


Bem legal!!


thank you!