Monday, August 28, 2006

From the Library - Part 1

Let's see if this works... I'll start this first part of FTL with a couple of CDs that I've listened over this weekend. Although they might have been reviewed elsewhere before, they are still good musical references.

(****/5 stars)
On their debut album, the keyword is "mixing influences". One can hear a number of stylistic influences from the Beatles to the Smiths. And hey, there is nothing wrong with that. They play around with their influences, mixing, matching, and seeing what sounds best. There's a real joy in watching a band (from NYC) come into its own. It's a safe bet Ambulance Ltd. will already be there by the time you read this.

+ Ambulance LTD-Primitive (The Way I Treat You)
AMBULANCE LTD -- Heavy Lifting
MySpace website

PERNICE BROTHERS - Discover a Lovely You (2005)

Discover A Lovelier You is yet another album of pop tunes that continues a very clear trajectory begun with Overcome By Happiness and continued through Your, Mine & Ours. If you’re a fan of those records you will undoubtedly love Discover A Lovelier You. While the necessary PR will call these songs his best and most accomplished to date, the reality is that these songs could fit on just about any other Joe Pernice related project. The production may be turned up a bit on Discover A Lovelier You, but the songs themselves, especially when looked at in the context of his body of work, are simply a case of piling goodness on top of goodness. Fans of Trashcan Sinatras, Kings of Convenience, The Beatles will like this work.

+ Pernice Brothers - my so-called celibate life
+ Pernice Brothers - there goes the sun
+ Official website

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