Friday, September 22, 2006

The Decemberists and their new album (The Crane Wife)

The Decemberists are from Portland, Oregon and are releasing The Crane Wife on October 3, to continue Colin Meloy's literary rock journey, their fourth LP. The album is promised to fill 60 minutes with eleven tracks. Donning their usual vintage wear, this release is their first major label bow with Capitol Records since leaving Kill Rock Stars.
Picaresque, their last album (which I listened exaustively) was produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) and boy... he can make any good band sound like a great band!
(All from Picaresque)
+ [MP3] On the Bus Mall
+ [MP3] The Soldiering Life
+ [MP3] The Engine Driver
+ Check out the new single "O Valencia" at their MySpace website.


The Music Nazi said...

I like this album, a little Floydian snippets on some of the songs, a little Elliot Smitt on others. . . .all in all a pretty decent album, sure to be praised a little more than necessary but all in all - I won't disagree with the positive reviews.

will said...

The album is cool, I just tought it was a little sad compared to the others...

By the way, "The soldiering life" is from Her majesty the Decemberists, not Picaresque.