Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Release - Lenine - MTV Unplugged

Singer, composer, arranger, musician and producer - few artists are acknowledged talents in so many differnt areas. The Recife-born Lenine has become one of the stars of Brazilian popular music, acclaimed by the public, the press, his fellow artists and tastemakers alike. He is considered one of the standard bearers of the Brazilian scene for the 21st century, combining original music with the rhythm of Northeast Brazil over a base of rock, pop and electronica. He has been influenced and inspired by everything from pop and rock to Massive Attack and Gilberto Gil.
This MTV Unplugged (only available in Brazil for now) has been just released. To me, hearing such beautiful unplugged versions of his classic songs, it's amazing... it literally gave me goose bumps. Lenine FOR ALL... Musically speaking, he's way beyond anyone in Brazil now.
+ Hoje eu Quero Sair Só
+ Paciência (Cristina Braga plays harp)
+ Jack Soul Brasileiro


Bruno said...

sorry buddy. can't use my pictures.

adriana said...

hey, the link to "hoje eu quero sair só" doesn't work!

Anonymous said...

I hd been looking everywhre for this - and found the links dead :(

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