Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pilot Speed or Pilate?

Formely known as "Pilate" this Canadian band's origin came from far east... Pilot Speed's lead singer-songwriter Todd Clark who was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand's capital. Their sound is a mix of U2 with Coldplay with Snow Patrol with the new electro-pop-rock, whatever.... The scorching first single, "Barely Listening," with Clark's explosive vocals backed by Greenough's staccato, lashing guitar and Keeley and Bumrah's driving, lock-step rhythm is emblematic of the album and already a Top Twenty radio hit in Canada.
Give them a try.
+ [MP3] "Barely Listening"
+ [MP3] "Knife-Grey Sea"

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Guilherme Maia said...

Pilate/Pilot Speed is AWESOME!!!! And you should tell everybody that I INTRODUCED them to you!!! LOL...