Friday, December 22, 2006

The Brother Kite - Waiting for the Time to Be Right (2006)

I wonder if Providence's The Brother Kite began crafting their shoegaze-inflected rock sound in 2001. After a split 7" with Vaguely Starshaped on Losing Blueprint Records, The Brother Kite released their first full-length album on Clairecords, a self-titled and self-recorded serving of layered guitars and buoyant melodies. With the success of thebrotherkite, the band was poised to take a bold step, but knew the restrictions of traditional studio recording wouldn't allow for the creative freedom they needed. So they did what any band would do: built their own studio! Waiting For the Time To Be Right is the long-awaited result of this endeavor, a brave new rock album astonishing not only for its depth and maturity, but also for its willingness to stray from the shoegaze sound that defined their previous works. Layered guitar textures remain an important ingredient, but Boutwell's impassioned vocals are now pushed to the forefront, showcasing a Brian Wilson-esque gift for melody hinted at in earlier songs. The result is an album of dynamically orchestrated pop, equal parts Loveless and Smile, Quadrophenia and The Soft Bulletin. With Waiting... The Brother Kite respectfully pays homage to some of rock's great achievements while carving out an innovative spot for themselves in the world of today's independent music.
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