Sunday, December 03, 2006

From the 90's - Echobelly - ON (1995)

It's sad that Echobelly didn't crack America... Most critics point to Echobelly's first album, "Everybody's got one" as their defining moment. it was raw, angry, melodic, and trapped volatile lyrical messages in three-minute pop songs. The band's second album, "ON" lost a little bit of the former's bite (particularly in madan's decidedly feminist posturing), but it was still a huge album in many ways. Sonya's got this incredible voice, one that people compared to Morrissey, apparently because she wasn't afraid to hide her lovely British accent. Either way, she's terrific, and her voice combined with the crashing guitars by Glen Johanssen a superb musician stained backdrops for madan's otherworldly vocals. It was a nice marriage that fuled the Echobelly machine.


Anonymous said...

i miss sonya :(

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