Sunday, December 10, 2006

Radiohead back in studio - New Pictures and new songs!

Radiohead is back in studio! Check out other great pictures. And the good news is that sometime in 2007 we will be hearing their highly antecipated new album (unknown title). In the meantime, we are be pleased with several recordings of their new songs performed in the recent US Tour. Here are my favorites so far (thanks to Lders):
+ Down is the new Up
+ Videotape
+ Nude
+ The National Anthem
+ Spooks
+ House of Cards
+ 15 Steps
More information about their 7th new album here and here


Leonardo said...
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Leonardo said...

Fala, meu irmao.

Joao, se o blog tiver aceitando pedidos, ve se alguma das suas fontes tem o audio do VH1 Classic Decades Rock do Elivis Costello cantando com Death Cab, Fiona Apple e Billy Joe Armstrong do Green Day. Simplesmente a melhor coisa q eu escutei nos ultimos tempos.

Abraco. Falamos em breve.

One Died Simply said...

Vou tentar conseguir