Saturday, December 16, 2006

From the 90's - ARID - At the Close of Every Day (1998)

The Belgian rock group Arid consists of vocalist/guitarist Jasper Steverlinck, guitarist David Du Pré, bassist Filip Ros, and drummer Steven Van Haver. Although released two years earlier in Europe under the title of 'Little things of venom, its critical acclaim won the group a gig opening for Counting Crows on their 2000 European tour, around the time that the album made its U.S. debut.
In this debut album one could truly say that Jeff buckley lives on... It's never a rip-off, but it's impossible to escape from the Jeff Buckley-comparison in the delicate parts and the Freddie Mercury-colour in the louder passages. "At the close of everyday" and "Too late Tonight" shake you all up, then they calm things down with a mysterious ballad "All will wait".
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